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FAQ. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked from our users.

A: Digiswap is instant crypto exchange. You can exchange crypto without limits.

A: To swap any crypto without account just choose on main page crypto you will be sending and amount. Than move to next window and choose crypto you wish to receive. System will display amount of crypto you will receive after our fee. Next step is to provide wallet for your payout. Accept tos and click “swap”. Next window will show QR code for deposit and wallet address for deposit. !!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!: once you send deposit provide TX ID of your transfer. This will validate exchange. Once we receive deposit , swap will be processed without any delay.

A: On last page once you provide TX ID there will be swap id number which can be used to track this order.

A: If you didn’t receive crypto of choice after you deposited your coins please be patient. Some times blockchain can be slow. Sometimes swap takes longer due to volatility in specific market. If you still didn’t receive anything just start support ticket.

A: If you wish to start new support ticket just click at the bottom of the page “Support” and start new ticket providing as many details as you can.

A: If you did submit new ticket and you wish to check progress or replies to that just click “Support” and at the top of the opened page there is window where you can provide ticket ID.

A: Fee is set at 0.6% which is very reasonable withing industry.

A: If your swap showing as “Pending” that means we still waiting for your deposit to clear. Some crypto takes more than 10-50 confirmations before we can proceed with exchange.

A: If your swap showing “Canceled” that means for unsepcified reason we cannot exchange your coins. There might be different reasons which we disclose only after you submit support ticket.

A: No you don’t have to register account to use our service. But registered account have some benefits regarding swaps and fees. In near future registered accounts will pay as low as 0.1% fee for any swap.

A: Just contact us by clicking “Report Bug” and provide as much info as possible. Digiswap will reward any disclosure.

A: If for any reason your swap was canceled, crypto you deposited will be returned to the same address where they came from. TX fee is covered by your deposit and no other fees are deducted.

A: Estimated processing time takes in consideration also confirmation of your deposit to us. Usual swap takes only minutes but confirmations takes longer.

A: Yes, service is supervised from 7am till 1am 7 days a week. From 1am till 7am service accepts deposits and swaps are done but payouts due to security risk are stopped and are processed as soon as operator is back online at 7am. Swap rates are locked at the time of the confirmed deposit. So if you deposit at 1.01am and you see exchange rate "0.01" this is exactly what you will get. But payout will be processed at 7am to your desired wallet.

A: Exchange rate is dynamic. Which means that system choosing best way to deliver currency at specified exchange rate. If your swap contains more volatile pair for example neo/ark our service will choose the best possible route to deliver ark using your neo deposit. Most exchanges only have markets BTC/ETH/USD so to deliver the best possible rate digiswap need to adjust your deposit to market conditions. In more volatile times you can see different exchange rate. Your swap contains "estimated" rate which depends for example how quickly deposit shows up. Rate is adjusted dynamically and usually deviate only slightly from original rate given at the time of starting swap.


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